4 Telltale signs they are fond of talking to you

So you two have been talking for quite some time now and you can’t help but gush at their messages

But you aren’t too sure if they feel the same way about you. People can be pretty secretive and shy about their feelings, and thus, it can become increasingly difficult to find out about what’s going on in their minds.


So if you have been crushing over someone after talking to them over text or calls and want to know what’s in their heart, then look out for these 4 telltale signs to know if they enjoy talking to you as much as you do to them.

They always initiate the conversation


When someone is really interested in talking to you, they will be the ones to always initiate a conversation and will make sure to message you everyday. You will not have to worry about them ghosting you or ignoring your messages.


They send you long paragraphs



If they like talking to you then they will send you long paragraphs and will never give you half-hearted replies, no matter how busy they might be. So keep track of the length of their replies the next time you talk to them, to know what’s in their heart!

They reply promptly


It is often said that no matter how busy they might be, they always will have time to text their special someone. So if you are special to them, they will make the effort to take time off from their busy schedule and will reply to you in a prompt manner.


They make efforts to take the conversation forward



Whenever they feel that the conversation is reaching a dead end, they start a new topic of conversation to keep it going. If they do this frequently, then be rest assured that they are fond of talking to you.


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