4 reasons why you should accept there is God


Personally I believe that God is Everyone, Everything and Everywhere and so I am not going to talk about which god is god and which god is not god here; I am just going to emphasize that there are various indicators that points to the fact that there is a strong belief in a supreme spiritual being which is beyond reasonable doubts and as such should be taken seriously. Such beliefs may differ in names assigned to the god or gods and may also further differ in the mode through which each believer relate to such gods.


Deep in every one of us, there is that conviction either consciously or subconsciously that reminds us at certain points of danger or needs to reach out to that supreme being to come help and support us to prevail against whatever difficulties. I am stating 4 cheap and reasonable facts that should make you accept that there is god.


1. Popularity

Over 85% of the world population believes in one form of a god or the other and this is quite too enormous to ignore. A subject with such great representations should be something that should be taken seriously and therefore one should try to key in to the fact that there is god and make the best out of it in whichever way that will be beneficial to us.


Going with the crowd sometimes is inevitable especially when when you do that without being harmful to your fellow human beings in any way.


2. Death

All men do die regardless of what you believe or what do not believe; death is inevitable on it's own but come to think of the fact that not everyone can categorically tell us with concrete facts about life after death. Divers religions have their own theory of life after death which they strongly preach and support with strong faith.


The fact that one must die is enough for one to embrace a god and live by the doctrine of such faith to at least enable you know for sure that your reward after death is certain according to your faith.


3. Culture

In many instances it is very very difficult to separate culture from religion, in other words religion and culture are the most closest of friends that shapes each other the world over. When folks argue about what is right and what is wrong, in many of the cases they are actually debating about their cultural understanding and misunderstanding but not religion.


Man lives a culture and there are thousands of cultures all over the world, some still in their original state and some have been modified by civilisation. Culture is interwoven with religion; god is the focal point of every religion and man being a cultural being needs to identify with a god that relates to his culture.


4. Authority

In every society in the world it is a verifiable fact that religious leaders wield the most authority. They may not be the richest financially but political, academical and all societal figures reverence, respect and pay homage to them at one point or the other. The Pope for instance cannot be compared in terms of authority to any political leader in the world even in the United States of America.


Such spiritual authority which may also translate to political authority cannot be if not for the reason that it is drawn from a superior entity which is a god and this should at least lead us to align to one.

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