4 Simple First Date Ideas To Try

The exhilaration increases even more, when it’s your first date. Hence, the anticipation, uncertainty, and expectation just add to the overall excitement and are bound to make even the most experienced people nervous. After all, everyone wants to ensure that their first date is one that is always remembered. Therefore, it is extremely significant that you enjoy your time out when going on a first date without letting the moment get to you. Thus, without further ado, here’s a complete list of four of the best first date ideas that are often overlooked by the masses

Why do first dates fail?

To most people, the perfect first date is no more than an outing or a movie night topped off with dinner where you can get to know the person better and break the ice. Ideally, both the parties involved should be able to engage with each other, get comfortable, and not get bogged down by the pressure of having to be at their best behaviour. However, this is often easier said than done.

Many first dates often go wrong simply because the environment or the situation is often unaccommodating. When going on a first date, it’s integral that the preferences and choices of the other person are taken into consideration as well. But, when you don’t know the person well enough, how can you know what to do and where to bring him or her? Well, dating need not be so hard. With simple planning and creativity, you can make the best out of your first date and get plenty more, hopefully. 

First date ideas to try

According to a poll taken by the majority of dating websites, here’s a look at four of the best first date ideas:

Take a walk.

The purpose of going on a first date is to get to know the other person better, and that’s why we reckon going on a walk is an understated yet clever idea. Without having to worry about how you are going to look eating in front of your date or how watching a movie can result in awkward silence, you can always go for a walk and plan something out mutually with the other person on the go. Moreover, going for a walk allows you and your date the chance to get into a comfort zone.

If you believe you’re a charming person who can talk his or her way out of every situation (in a good way, of course), you should trust your skills. Rest assured, going on a walk does not hamper your ability to express yourself freely. In addition, since you are not at a formal place when choosing to go on a walk, worrying about being too nice or upright won’t be an issue as well.

A note of caution, though. If you have decided to have a stroll around a park on your first date, make sure that the location in question is good. Remember, if you fail to impress your date by not being able to express yourself freely, the scenery in itself can stand in and pull you out of those frequently awkward moments experienced when going on a first date

Watch an outdoor movie.

As mentioned earlier, taking your date for a movie topped off by dinner is almost a rule of thumb and a time tested idea as far as first dates are concerned. However, even though a movie night out is certainly effective, there isn’t much creativity to it at all. When going on a first date with an intention to make it memorable, you should try and be innovative and blunt in equal measure. How? Well, instead of going to an indoor movie theatre, you could opt for an outdoor movie theatre. This way, not only will you be able to watch a movie (and do what your forefathers did), but you will also be able to add a bit of spice to the overall experience. The chances are that even if the movie isn’t exactly nice, the environment and the ambience will cover up and make your first date one to certainly remember.

Head into the water.

Well, this one seems like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? After all, who wants to have their first date on the water where the chances of both of you getting soaking wet are high? While a lot of people may frown upon the idea of spending the first date on water, it can actually turn out to be really nice.

Heading into the water doesn’t necessarily mean going for a swim, not at all. It means renting out a boat and going boating or sailing. Unless it is an exception, most women and men tend to love the idea of being out in the water during the night and taking in the night sky in its full flow. Moreover, if you believe the water and the scenery are not romantic enough, you can always add some good food and take things up a notch. Imagine sipping wine with your date on a boat surrounded by the night sky and blue water, sounds good?

Eat in.

While going out for dinner is perhaps one of the most famous first date ideas, awkwardness certainly can be a problem. Because it is your first date, chances are, you won’t be comfortable enough eating in front of your date, particularly if the restaurant in question is a fancy one where expectations are naturally high. Therefore, instead of going out for dinner, you can invite your date over. By cooking yourself, you will automatically endear yourself to your date for the efforts made even if your cooking skills aren’t top-notch. However, eating in doesn’t mean ordering in. In addition, only decide to eat in if you can cook yourself.

Thus, the best first date ideas are built around giving you an opportunity to get to know your date better without rushing things or getting overwhelmed by the pressure. By keeping your first date simple yet creative, chances are, you will be able to make your first date one to remember for a lifetime

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