5 Dishes from Assamese cuisine you must try at least once in your life

The cooking styles in a region are often influenced by the geographical positioning of the state

the locally available produce and cultural influences. So, it is intriguing to explore Assamese cuisine as people from hilly regions opt to ferment certain dishes and even choose to make a wide array of delectable chutneys and dry fresh produce to prolong its shelf-life. Rich aromas and a beautiful complexity of flavours is what you can expect when you taste the food of Assam. Here are a few dishes from the state that you simply must try.

  1. Raw Papaya Khar

Khar is a core ingredient that can be cooked while being paired with a variety of ingredients. Right from raw papaya to pulses or even meat; the Khar is a delight. When it comes to the ingredient, Khar is made by sifting out the fluid from a blend of water and grilled banana peel. It is a great dish to have if you are facing digestive difficulties and wish for something that can help. However, should you lack Khar, many suggest baking soda as a substitute. Though the taste may not be exactly the same, the dish can be executed nevertheless.

  1. Masor Tenga or tangy fish curry

If you are a fan of fish, then a tenga curry must be made for this sour curry is made from tomatoes, dried mangosteen, lots of lime and Kairi. Elephant-apple is an intriguing ingredient added to this by most recipes. The Masor Tenga can be dished up with a bed of rice and is usually cooked during the sweltering summers as it can be light on the tummy.

  1. Assamese Pitika

This is widely regarded as a cherished comfort food that can make you feel better in a jiffy. The mood lifting dish has ingredients such as charred vegetables, fish, green chilli, onion and coriander leaves. The element of freshness is undeniable and the starchy ingredients like potato or pumpkin, make this a filling dish. The Pitika is very fragrant due to the use of raw mustard oil and can be served with rice.

  1. Ou Khatta or Elephant Apple Chutney

One of the most flavorful chutneys from Assam, Ou Khatta does justice to its moniker. It is delightfully sweet, yet tangy and the core ingredient is elephant apple. The recipe usually uses jaggery and mustard seeds for enhancing the flavor of the elephant-apple. It can be a wonderful addition to your afternoon meal. You can also serve this with parathas or have it with curd rice.

  1. Doi Chira

A much-loved breakfast dish from Assam, the Doi Chira is a simple concoction that is most prominently made during Bihu. All you need to make this is flattened rice, yogurt, cream and a sweetener. Many use jaggery in this dish. It can be ideal for kids as it isn’t spicy and quite light on the palate.

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