5 Ways to develop a healthy relationship with your child

The unconditional and supportive bond between a parent and a child is one such relationship that is unbreakable and beyond any emotional ties. Children look to their parents at any age and thus, parents should ensure they set a good example for their children, one they should carry forward as a legacy. Children seek the support of their parents and look for affection, love and safety. These are the basics of having a healthy relationship with your child.

To strengthen a bond with your child, it takes spending quality time with them and listening to their needs. They need to be heard of and taken care of as kids. Here are a few ways you can strengthen your bond with your child.

Express love more often

We often take it for granted that our kids know how much we love them. But that’s not all. Our kids need the love, affection and our undivided attention as much as we do. Try to reach out to them, express your love, say ‘I love you’ more often and give them warmth and show affection towards them several times a day.

Communicate with them

Make sure you communicate well with your children. This way, they will learn how to be more expressive and they will build a connection based on communication and honesty. Acknowledge their feelings, listen to their perspective and tell them how things are, truly.

Create a safe space

As a parent, you need to create a safe space for your children within which they feel protected and feel that they are taken care of. Their needs are heard and they are known. It can be a crazy world once they grow older, make sure they know they can trust if things don’t go well and they always have your back, no matter what

Listen to them and be patient

It all starts by being a patient listener. Empathize with your child’s feelings and try to be there for them as much as you can. It could be a small problem that they are going through but five minutes of your time from your hectic schedule is all they need sometimes.

Eat meals together

Create a schedule wherein you are spending at least 30-60 minutes of your day with your children with zero distractions. Another way to be with your children and spend quality time with them is by eating meals together. One can have great family conversations during meals. Encourage them to put their devices away to be present and connect as a family in real-time


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