Getting Back With Your Ex Boyfriend Should You

 It’s a significant point that you need to consider if you really want to get him. You establish that he’s the right guy for you, you’re the right girl for him, plus you both recognise that fact, then you’re on your way to a happy, rekindled relationship. If not, then you’ve got plenty of work to do, and we’re here to help you do it

What’s the real reason your relationship ended?

Every relationship comes with the good and the bad. Seeing that you’d like to get back with your ex-boyfriend, we’re leaning towards more pros than cons in your relationship and that the memories together were pretty good. If it was that good, why did it end, though?

Evidently, breakups are part of any relationship. While this might sound completely insane, it’s healthy for two people to fight and not get along all the time. That’s probably the part about being in a relationship that sucks the most, but don’t worry, if you’re really made for each other, you’ll get over it.

That’s why, if you broke up over a bit of fight or something you disagree on is, first off, very stupid and also very easy to mend after

Consider the reasons why you broke up

A fight   Unless it was horrible if two people are really into each other and can’t talk it out, swallow your pride and apologise. Perhaps it was his fault, but there’s always two sides to everything. Now we’re not saying if he made a mistake, that that’s your fault but did you even try to talk about it after or just react? Take into consideration that we’re all human, and we’re all prone to make a mistake. Some even more often than none, so get yourself over to his place or simply give him a call, make a gesture and get fixing. As women, fixing is what we do. Since we’re good at dissecting things and overanalysing everything if you want him back, reconciliation’s probably not going to happen unless you initiate it. Besides, suppose you can’t handle a few fights or each other’s differences unless someone’s willing to change. In that case, chances are you probably shouldn’t try again

Infidelity So, there are only two ways to go about it, and it’s pretty simple. Either he cheated on you, or you cheated on him, and it doesn’t matter how big or small it was. Or, a favourite punch line of “It didn’t mean anything, cheating is cheating. Now, if you’re the one who cheated, you have to ask yourself why. If the guy you’re trying to get back was such a great guy, to begin with, why did you think it was necessary to cheat? Perhaps he hurt you, and you wanted to get him back? Maybe he made you mad or felt insecure about your relationship and have to figure it out before trying to date any guy

If he cheated, you have to think about whether it’s completely worth getting him back because there’s always a reason behind it. Cheating doesn’t just happen by accident unless the guy is not a committed to you or serious about your relationship.

In most cases, it would probably be best to let that relationship go unless there’s an actual explanation for it because, when it comes to cheating, it doesn’t really matter how good of a person anyone is or what they promise you, if they can do it once, they can do it again. If it was him, you probably don’t want to experience it again. However, if it was you, you’re going to have a hard time trying to regain his trust and starting off with a sincere apology is probably the first thing you should do

Is he just not that into you  If this is the case and he’s lost interest in you while the two of you were together, trying to get him back will also require some effort. Guys usually won’t try to date a girl again after the first failed attempt. Still, if you can make it seem worthwhile to him or prove to him that the two of you could have a good relationship, then you’re all set

How to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

While you might be thinking that calling or texting him is the best way to go about getting your ex back, it’s not necessarily the best course of action you can take. Before deciding on a way to get him back is to take a break from your relationship altogether.

Take a step back and recover, as well as think about what exactly went wrong. If we’re being honest about breakups, generally, they’re not very pretty. They usually lead to some form of heartbreak, depression, bad feeling and overall negativity that you have to find a way to get rid of. Suppose you want to jump back into the relationship without taking a break. In that case, you’re most likely to feel too emotional about it and one, take him back before you’re ready or react impulsively, trying to get him back.

This is totally drama, and that’s precisely the thing that men don’t like. Limit the drama, take some space, give him space of his own, and things will work out

Don’t avoid your ex-boyfriend

Even if you’re taking a break from trying to get him back, the last thing you should be doing is avoiding him or play hard to get by declining him altogether. This might also put him off from being in a relationship with you again and make him not want to take you back. Guys generally avoid stress and drama, so the less complicated you make the whole process of getting him back, the better.

Avoiding him completely might also give him a reason to move on from your breaking quickly and date another girl, which will make it very difficult to rekindle the romance if that’s the case

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