Portl a smart mirror that keeps your posture correct during your fitness sessions

Launched last year in April, Portl is a Smart Mirror-based personalized fitness and wellness device that fits seamlessly within your home. Portl revolutionizes the personalization aspect at scale, with smart sensors that correct a user’s form in real-time while they perform exercises in front of the mirror. Each individual gets programs customized to them, that ensure highly relevant and engaging content from the instructors on-demand and via live classes. With Portl, one gets access to hundreds of workouts on-demand and live across HIIT, Strength, Dance Fitness, Endurance, Yoga, Mindfulness, and Nutrition Coaching. The device is also equipped with bio-sensors that measure a user’s Blood pressure, Glucose, ECG, Respiratory rate, and much more, which helps to personalize routines keeping the users’ overall health status in perspective. Let’s have a closer look at the price, specifications, and capabilities of the newly launched smart mirror. 

Portl Technical Specifications


The newly launched smart mirror comes with a 43-inch high-definition multi-touch display with 2 x 10W HD surround sound speakers. The mirror offers an anti-explosion toughened glass surface along with a premium aluminum chassis and an anti-skid base stand. It comes with a 12-megapixel AI camera sensor and the device is powered by an Edge-AI processor.


AI Form-Feedback Analysis


The Portl devices are equipped with a smart camera and Edge-AI processors to enable real-time Exercise Form Analysis and Feedback. This allows us to track a users’ exercise form in real-time, assess their technique, and suggest corrections and improvements while they are working out. Alongside this, we also perform automatic rep-counting based on our internal thresholds to ensure that only the good quality reps are counted.

AI Engines analyze the users’ body at 30 fps speeds and track over 45 joint positions and body angles at any given time. This also analyses a users’ postural and muscular imbalances across a range of 1000+ movements to provide a comprehensive form-feedback solution for users across all age groups and fitness levels.

3D Body Scanning


The Portl devices have the ability to perform a 3D Scan of a person and extract over 200 body measurements along with postural analysis. This feature also allows us to determine users’ range of motion and body composition analysis to create a highly personalized workout and nutrition recommendations. 



Additionally, this allows users to monitor their inch-loss and overall body size and shape on a regular basis further motivating them to stay committed to their goals.

Personalization powered by AI


Every individual across a wide range of factors including fitness, health, lifestyle, age, gender, and personal preferences. This helps us determine an individual’s baseline, capabilities, and limitations. 


When coupled with our active AI Form-feedback and auto-rep counting during any session, we are able to dynamically adjust the users’ next routine based on their performance and progress. This personalization happens across multiple workout formats, so no matter which routine a user chooses to follow, they receive a personalized routine that suits their needs

Bio-Feedback Sensing


The Portl Studio comes along with our Portl health monitor. This compact, hand-held device is a multi-functional monitor that tracks ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, respiratory rates, Blood Oxygen levels, and body temperature. This capability allows us to monitor users’ existing health vitals and tailor solutions that are suited for their bodies.


Compatibility with Wearables



The Portl Studio syncs seamlessly with popular wearables, and this allows us to track an individual’s sleep patterns, daily activity levels, and heart rate during a workout session. This further informs our personalization engine to adapt to the daily stresses of an individual’s life


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