Travel extravaganza date ideas to make your Day extra special!

The day to celebrate the love of your life comes only once a year and you ought to make it special for your love. There are numerous ways for travel-loving couples to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day, from taking advantage of the local art scenes to escaping the city and planning a trail on nearby mountains.

Although you will be the centre of your spouse's attention for the rest of your life, a date night here and there will help you breathe love into your romance. Consider these 4 extravaganza date ideas to make your day extra special and begin planning.

 Plan a glamping adventure

Glamping is basically outdoor camping with access to amenities and comfort. Spend the day in a cosy tree house or book a cabin in the woods for Valentine's Day. There is no easier way to get to know a person than by sitting around a campfire with them. Bring blankets, camp chairs, warm drinks like tea or cocoa, and, of course, s'mores ingredients to keep your date fun and cosy

 Go on a romantic safari experience

You can never go wrong with a romantic date in the outdoors and a safari experience is the perfect Valentine's date idea. It's also one of the most unique things to do, especially for couples who enjoy animals and adventure! There are a dizzying number of safari destinations to choose from around the world. It just feels incredible to be out in the wilderness and to be able to share such exhilarating experiences with someone special makes it even better.

A perfect road trip

There is more to making lasting memories than going to the beach or the mountains. And that's just when they're travelling together. Try something exciting and novel this Valentine's Day. A road trip with your significant other is ideal and one of the most romantic escapes. Rent a car (if you don't already have one), put on some cheesy Valentine's Day music, and get ready to go.

Sailing adventure

Instead of limiting yourself to just a walk on the beach, you can set sail in new and exciting locales. If you prefer a more relaxing Valentine's Day getaway, spend the day luxuriating aboard your sailboat or private yacht, with breakfast in bed and cocktails at sunset. The atmosphere will captivate you, while the ocean breezes and lavish climate will instill a sentimental feeling in you.


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