Be a beautiful woman

Be a beautiful woman

   "There are no ugly women in the world"!


   Women are all yearning for beauty, and when youth is still there, the girls are as proud as a princess. Hong Yan Yi Lao, everyone cannot smile forever. Kung fu under the face is better to use in the heart. Love is the source of our beauty. We will love and let the beautiful spring of beauty never dry up. We wash our souls in love and linger with the years, that is not old, it is not just a myth.


  Every woman has her own unique beauty, so we should be good at discovering beauty, digging beauty, learn to understand yourself, appreciate yourself, and love yourself. Love life starts with loving yourself, loving others, giving love, inheriting love, dressing yourself up with love, dressing up life, in this way, beautiful women are everywhere.


   There is no specific standard for "beauty" and it is difficult to define. As the saying goes, "each flower is in the eye". "Beauty" is born, and there are different aesthetic standards for regions with different standards of "beauty". The definition of "beauty" in Eastern and Western countries is even more different. The standard of "beauty" is indeed difficult to unify. "Beautiful" everyone has a title in mind. Lin Qingxia is a recognized beauty, but there is no uniqueness in separating each facial feature. When combined, it is just right. Coupled with elegant manners, unique personality, confident smile, and throwing hands are all full of charm and beauty of a temperamental female.


   A woman with kindness, love, education, connotation, and self-confidence can put all the beauty together. How you look can't be changed, but believe that you are unique in this world, and uniqueness is "beauty". "I am born to be useful" is either the "use" or the "use", as the saying goes "people use their talents and make the best use of their things", as long as they show their strengths, they are worthy of life, not arrogant, they are commendable, but also The woman's genius appeared.


   Women's "beauty" mainly manifests in:


  The most beautiful woman with connotation


   The woman with connotation is the best among women, just like the peony in the flower, the extravagance is gorgeous, and the color is gorgeous and dazzling. A woman with connotation will not become dull and dull like the old youth due to the loss of years, and it will be more memorable. A woman with connotation, knowing to improve her taste, casts herself into an elegant woman. The beauty of connotation is a kind of beauty after sublimation, it is a kind of ultimate beauty, unparalleled and wonderful. Women inadvertently reveal the elegant connotation, which will make men admire, make women admire, make elders cherish, make juniors respect, and make themselves more attractive to women. Only a woman with connotation will have elegant temperament and unique taste. Connotation is the accumulation of knowledge, the accumulation of knowledge, the understanding of etiquette and shame, virtue and virtue, is a good daughter of parents, a good wife of husband, a good mother of children. Only by constantly enriching herself and constantly improving her self-cultivation can a woman become a truly elegant woman. The woman whom men admire will never fade in the waning years, showing the beauty of radiance.


  Naive women are the most beautiful


  Innocence is not ignorance, it is simple and lovely, no scheming, no bad-hearted performance. Innocent people are sincere to others, behave the same way, and never consider rewards. Make people treat you with sincerity and communicate with confidence. There is no anxiety caused by selfish thoughts, just like there is no cloud in the clear blue sky.


  Naive will turn you into a spring of water, clear and transparent, and your eyes will become crystal clear. Gu Pan lingers like a trickle stream. In your world, beauty will be the main melody of life, and this melody will bring pure friendship and happiness to you and your friends. The innocent woman is as pure and translucent as crystal, which makes people love to spare. Beautiful women are not necessarily cute, but innocent and lovely women must be beautiful.


  Mature women are the most beautiful


   Mature temperament does not exclude innocence, but maturity can make you understand when you should be pure and water-like, and when you should not reveal it. Mature women are the sublimation of naive women, so mature women often inadvertently reveal the light of wisdom.


The mature woman has experienced the wind and rain, meets the world, and does things right. .


   is mature, and you will understand that it is not necessarily true that you can gain sincerity if you give your sincerity, but sad tears may come from giving out friendship. However, because you are mature, you will not be discouraged because you understand that the path of life cannot be smooth. The meaning of life is to constantly overcome difficulties and overcome yourself.


   is mature, in the face of setbacks, you will be calm, strong, fearless, not afraid, not happy with things, not sad. Be calm and unhurried when you are in trouble. After experiencing a wind and rain, you are actually seeing the world once. The happiness you feel after that will be no less than climbing to a peak after a hard journey, and the scenery you will appreciate will be unprecedented or even unheard of. of.


A mature woman is the crystallization of wisdom, the tempering of her resume, the precipitation of life, the glow of spring, the nourishment of spring rain, always the smiling plum in the cold winter snow, the proud pride, the best among beautiful women !


  Happy women are the most beautiful


   Showing a happy smile can change you, me, and his mood. Happy and smiling, angel. Even without wings, the soul must fly.


   Happiness is accompanied by laughter. Hearty laughter is neither effort nor time wasting. But it can pass on many happy messages. Infect others and make people around you happy. Happiness is the feeling of happiness. Happy yourself, happy others, you are the messenger of happiness.


  Life is difficult, forget yesterday's sadness in time, think about the hope of the future, quietly, quietly, find the way forward. The hardship of growth, the difficulty of survival, and the various rules that violate nature and have to be observed constitute the harshness and frustration of life.


  Happy women know that suffering is the best exercise, and accepting challenges is the true brave. Enjoy the beauty of life, even if it is bitter, there is still beauty, bitter gourd is bitter, but it can nourish the heart. Coptis chinensis and pig gallbladder are bitter, but both can clear away heat and detoxify. Really understand the interest of life, the preciousness of life, learn to enjoy life happily, and cherish life.


A happy woman will also become a source of happiness, facing the sea of ​​fire, she will smile and find a way to cross over, facing the turbulent wind and waves, she will find even a rotten wood, a life-saving straw, can also drift To the other side of safety. Taishan is unbending and difficult to drag! Her love, her elders, children, friends and family, and the people around her will also feel the good life because of her infection. Happy women are always blooming flowers, wonderful string rhythm, intoxicating.


  Coquettish women are the most beautiful


   Coquetry is not hypocritical, but a woman's gentle natural expression. The coquettish woman is hurt and makes people love, especially the man has the desire to protect her. Between hands and feet, especially feminine. Let the man be moved. A woman's coquettishness is the spice of life, and the killer skill of a woman to conquer a man. It can even inspire all the love of a man. Men are particularly proud, satisfied, and fulfilled with their spoiled wives, and feel very powerful. Everyone can see through at a glance, but willing to be captured, this is the lethality of coquettishness.


The coquettish woman is hibiscus in clear water and exudes a touch of fragrance; the coquettish woman is water and tenderness; the coquettish woman is a book and is worth reading for a lifetime; the coquettish woman is the scenery and makes you forget about it; the coquettish woman is Harbor, warm and reliable; women will be coquettish, it is the happiness of men, the pride of men, the confidence of men, the satisfaction of men, the life of men will be more fulfilled. The coquettish woman is good at handling family relations and resolving various contradictions. A couple in the Cold War, because the wife is a little coquettish, the problems between the couple are solved. Some minor conflicts and misunderstandings with the elders will also disappear due to a coquettish junior. Coquettish has an incomparable affinity, which will be deeply loved by the elders, cherished by the peers, and interdependent by the juniors. Coquettish woman is the embodiment of wise man, tender and beautiful.


   Passionate women are the most beautiful


   Passionate woman life is new every day. Passion is not dissipation, passion is the most beautiful cosmetics. Passionate women always have the urge to accept new things and have a passion for anything. There is also harmony from within. Passionate women can be willing to live their usual days, but they will not endure that life is always mediocre. A passionate woman can recognize that the story ending is plain, but will demand that every detail becomes vivid. Passionate woman likes lively pt, beautiful flowers and shining stars. Passionate women have many hobbies and colorful lives. Love life, always romantic, full of new ideas, keep your home well organized, and your home is always full of life, and dress up every place in life, even if it is an office desk. Dressing yourself up neatly and beautifully will never be sloppy. Your hands and feet are full of atmosphere. The temperament and beauty are amazing, which is what we often say about the aura and cohesion.


   In 1943, Song Meiling's bilingual speech in the United States was full of passion and rang the bell of freedom, letting the aggressor's death knell ring throughout China and even the world. Her love of life is even more admirable. She didn't arrange her costumes well so she wouldn't step out of her door. Her cosmetics are simple. The old newspapers are burnt to ash, which is her eyebrows and eye shadows. Natural plants and milk are her best beauty and skin care products. Song Meiling showed the beauty and charm of passionate women to the world! Passion is to love life, dress up life, make life colorful, and thus make yourself more beautiful.


   The kindest woman is the most beautiful


   A kind woman is always good with others. She lives up to the conscience of heaven and earth. She suffers from eating and drinking, and feels angry. She does not advertise her. A kind woman always thinks of solving problems for others and giving warmth to others. Therefore, a kind woman can also enjoy other people's true respect, intimate dependence, sincere help and nostalgia.


I saw this description in an article: 20-year-old woman is like Africa, half is wilderness, pure; 30-35-year-old woman is like the United States, has a mature taste; 35 to 4 A ten-year-old woman is like Britain, mature, knowledgeable and charming; a woman over forty is like Germany, who lost war but did not lose hope. I said: The fifty-year-old woman is like China, with a long-lasting fragrance. The image of a lovely and beautiful woman jumps on the paper, and the health of body and mind is revealed in the lovely, and the brilliance of wisdom shines in the beauty.


  The woman with love is the most beautiful


   First of all, learn to love yourself. Cultivate your ability to love, self-love will be self-reliance, self-reliance will be self-confidence, self-confidence will let your beauty spread out between hands and feet, restrained but charming. The woman who loves herself is an elf in this world, supporting and promoting love.


   followed by loving others. Instinct is also responsibility. Love parents, lovers, children, friends, world elves and everything, let others appreciate the warmth of life in love, love is tolerance and compassion, but also tolerance and gratitude. To love others is not to live for others, but to let yourself live more freely and truly.


   A woman who loves others is an angel on earth, creating love and fulfilling love. Someone who loves may have grievances but will not leave regrets, maybe there will be separation but no hatred, maybe there will be harm but no dark channels, maybe there will be haze but there will always be sunny days. A woman with love is kind in her heart. Kindness builds love, and love shows the character of kindness. People who love pass on love, promote love, and let love warm the world. A woman in love is a beautiful angel, just like the most beautiful auntie in the Xiaoyueyue incident.


   Sincere woman is the most beautiful


She doesn’t have to do anything in particular, as long as she shows a little bit of sincerity, sincerely to others, to life, to the world, to people, to lovers, to friends...being a sincere messenger, not deceiving, No hypocrisy, she is always a woman worthy of love. Truth can stand the test of facts, deception and hypocrisy will never stand, there is no eternal secret, only eternal truth. Deceiving a lover without happiness, deceiving a loved one lacking affection, deceiving a friend without friendship, deceit without integrity, will eventually be condemned by conscience, social scorn, moral judgment.


Long life, give a little true love, give yourself a little love, give yourself a little tolerance, give yourself a little space, you are a beautiful woman with perpetual charm! The beauty of a woman comes from love, love is the expression of the heart, love is from the heart Shaping, love beautified by behavior. The beauty of a woman cannot be evaluated simply by appearance. The beauty and charm can never be equal. The woman with love is always the most beautiful and charming!


  Confident women are the most beautiful


   "Whoever laughs to the end, who is the best". Throughout the ages, confident women are like shining stars, illuminating the earth and shaking our hearts. Looking at the world, Mrs. Curie won the respect of the whole world because of her confidence in the spirit of science; Nightingale achieved her most noble career because of her trust in nursing; and Mother Teresa’s love for love Self-confidence has become the Virgin Mary who does good for God in the eyes of people; our familiar host Yang Lan, in her own words, is "hosting" her life with confidence and eloquence...


   Confident woman, can raise self-confident sails, boldly live the true self-style!


Self-confident women are the most beautiful, self-confident women wear their own suits, self-confident women illuminate the path of love with self-confidence, self-confident women know the secrets of marital happiness, self-confident women are a beautiful scenery in the workplace, self-confident women It is a wonderful flower blooming on the social field, confident women understand the charm of connotation.


  Confident women face life with a smile, exude their own unique charm, and make themselves a beautiful landscape in a colorful world. Female compatriots, don’t be intimidated by your inadequacies, don’t be confused by social reality, don’t wander in the shackles you set up! Raise your noble head boldly and confidently, and cheer for your true self with passion Right! Maybe you are not perfect, but how can there be real perfection in the world? The four beautiful women in ancient China were either short or obese. Accept yourself frankly, enrich yourself, arm yourself, be confident, and throw your inferiority into the trash can! Bring your true colors to the fullest, face the Red World with a smile, and bravely accept the challenges of life, let every day in life Full of bright sunshine, make your life colorful, and make the world colorful because of you!

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