Healthy lifestyle leads towards Health

A Good Habits For Good Health:

It's a hundred percent real fact that Good habits are lead to good health. If you can't wake up early in the morning n then you don't like breakfast fast n healthy like bread with whole egg or some sweet jam with fried bread. It is possible you lose your health or some stamina, if you continue it with taking no meal at time or proper portions. Continue weakness leads towards fall of health, stamina n then any severe kind of deseases. It's not bravery or will-power so you don't eat full n lose epitite. It's just stupidity, but it's bravery that one eats well to get health well. N when it's need of time or war, it's make survive even with hunger.

In fact, full sleep n food makes u not healthy by body. But it's fulfill your mental desires with positivity. If you have good immune system with desire of living n with positivity, one fights with full power but core of the heart to get olden day again. A person who could not bite any good thing, it has two things normally, lack of desire with positive thinking, immense desire n habit of fulfillment even getting harm of others.

If one has no desire other common people can admire but can't live normal. As well with selfish n dirty mind no even normal person can live happy. It's much important to live with peace at all, one follows n gets a healthy lifestyle to all. With dirty mind all kinds of crimes are happened or one could just lead it with their dirty n unjust behaviour. N a dirty n hungry body leads all kinds of germs with deseases. Like so healthy food n others good habits are lead towards best health at all.

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