The most famous sayings of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah


( 1 )

When I hear the fans call my name now this 
makes me very happy, but in reality when I
was young I did not dream about the level of this
success that I have now reached in football.

( 2 )

In every game I play in, I go down to the stadium. I commit to do my best, 
and the most important thing I have is for my team to win. If I score, this will be more beautiful,
of course, but my team matters to me more than anything.

( 3 )

The numbers in football are important to any player, because they prove that the player 
is going at a good pace, and also the words of people are important, but for me the most
important thing is my evaluation of myself and my belief in myself, this is the most affecting

( 4 )

My plan for myself is to arrive at the best thing and the best title I can reach in football. 
For that reason, I always press myself and show my best on the field. I always have new
ambition and new goals.

( 5 )

I am far from the media, and I do not hear much happening and circulating in the media, 
so it is very difficult for me to be influenced by criticism or exposure to my personal media.
I maintain a good relationship with everyone and do on the field what I see to be right.

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